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We can assist with native vegetation / habitat assessments and re-vegetation plans. We have co-authored the Koala Plan of Management for Ballarat and other documents relating to the management of koala habitat. We have comprehensive knowledge of researching and producing koala management plans for development proposals of any scale.


Our wide experience in researching aspects of flora & fauna includes vegetation mapping, animal biology, ecology. Some examples of previous work are studies on koalas and their habitat, reptile & small mammal trapping, on behaviour of seals and dolphins as well as behaviour of monkeys.


Our scientific training and teaching experience enables us to deliver information appropriate for secondary and tertiary level. We are qualified and practicing teachers. Our experience includes teaching in secondary schools, university, to community groups and communicating with stakeholders such as councils.


We have written a number of scientific publications and other articles and collaborated on various documentaries. For a detailed list – please click here.


We provide translation of documents and publications from Italian and German into English and from English into German and Italian


Projects have included documentaries, scientific papers, webpages, newspaper articles.

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